Car Speedometer Alarm for Dashboard



—The best head-up display for any car

1:—-Head-up display (HUD) for everyday commute to stay focused and connected while driving

2:—-Installed on the dashboard at one time, the cables are concealed, and the appearance is the same as the original car, The machine does not damage the car, and use safe.
(For all models, the connection is a USB interface.)

The original car is not damaged, the smart is started to stop with the car;

HUD works: Receive the data from the car and display it on the machine.
Have you had any of these problems while driving?
1. If you are in a hurry to go to work, you are afraid of being late, driving fast and wanting to pick up your mobile phone to check the time will be very dangerous.
2. The upper limit of personal driving points is prepared, and you have to pay attention to various traffic violations, so the speeding alarm reminder is very helpful for you.
3. Truck drivers, taxi drivers, often drive on the road, but forget that continuous driving will lead to driver fatigue and dangerous driving.
G3 Function:
1: Speed
2: Driving direction guide
3: Compass
4: Simple mode display
5: Decorative mood lighting
6: Free switch kilometers and miles
7: Automatic photoreceptor
8: Time
9: Number of GPS satellites
11:100km acceleration
12:Driving distance

Call the police:
1: Overspeed alarm
2: Fatigue driving reminder

Alarm functions Improve driving safety
Overspeed alarm:Alarm when the vehicle speed reaches the set default value of 150KM/H
(30-250 setting)
Fatigue driving: Reminder after continuous driving exceeds the default value of 4.0 hours
(1-8h setting)
Machine can be placed anywhere
Can be placed in a position you find comfortable while driving.
100 kilometers acceleration performance test
It reflects the overtaking ability of the car and detects the engine power of the car. The acceleration ability of a car is an important indicator to measure the power performance of the car. It is called the three elements of the power of the car together with the maximum speed and the climbing ability of the car.
Display of different functional interfaces
1. Speed+Time+Compass+ Number of GPS satellites+ Decorative atmosp
2. Speed+Driving time+ Decorative atmosphere lights
3. Driving direction angle speed+ Compass+Altitude
4. Speed+Driving distance
5. Speed+Compass+ Acceleration time per 100 kilometers+ Decorative
6. Speed+Decorative atmosphere lights
7. Speed+Compass+Number of GPS satellites
8. Simple speed
Multiple function display screen
It can only display the speed alone without decorative lights, or with decorative lights and a driving compass, etc.
100 km acceleration time
1:The G3 Machine Can Help You Test Your Car’s Engine Workhorses.

—-The higher the maximum speed of the car, the shorter the acceleration time per 100 km, the better the power of the car.
Automatic turn on/ off
Automatically turn on and off as the car starts and stops.
(It is compatible with all cars! It supports over-speed alarm!)
1:Decorative mood lighting

2:Multi-function display area: display the speed and driving direction angle, the dial can be switched left by dialing

3:DIR: Direction of travel, angular speed unit: MPE-mile, KW/km

4:Speed icon

5:Compass: stop flashing after the satellite is found, then you can use N North B East West S South normally

6:Satellite number icon

7:The number of GPs satellites MTN driving time TRIP driving distance ASL altitude 8+100 km acceleration time

8:Multi-function display area, the number of time satellites, the driving distance, the driving time, and the acceleration time for 100 kilometers

9:Decorative mood lighting
GPS Compass
Display the forward direction while driving, so that your journey is not yaw.

N-North, S-South, W-West, E-East
Travel time calculation
Keep track of how much time you drive from the start to the end.
Any car can be used
Can be used with USB (5v).One USB cable, plug and play. Perfectly compatible with vans trucks, buses cars, off-road vehicles suvs and other vehicles
Car Performance Test
The time required to accelerate from 100 kilometers is an important reference data for vehicle dynamic performance and testing. The time and distance used by the car are from KM/h–100KMh
G3 machine features:
1: High-definition digital display, technology atmosphere lighting.
2: Real time your local time (24 hour clock).
3: You can switch to the altitude display when climbing a slope to know the altitude position.
4: 100-kilometer acceleration performance test to check whether the engine power of the car is still good.
5: The compass mode displays the driving direction and the accurate driving direction angle.
6: The fuselage is short and will not block the front view of the driver.
7: It is easy to install, and can hide cables, improve the sense of automotive technology, and it is as neat after installation as before the machine is not installed.
Non-destructive installation, Plug and play
1:Plug the USB cable into the cigarette lighter interface
2:The wire is inserted into the A-pillar seal
3:Connect the USB side to the UHD put in the right place
Q1: What is the difference between the projection screen and the dashboard screen?
The machine with the projection screen will project the data to the windshield of the car, and sometimes the displayed numbers will have double shadows to make up for it clearly, and need to stick a reflective film to assist; the G3 instrument panel machine will be installed on the center console of the car, and the fuselage will not block it. The sight before driving is bright and clear.

Q2: Will the view be blocked after installing the machine?
The G3 machine is very simple, the wire interface is on the back of the machine, which can well hide the cable location, making the installation machine as clean as before.

Q3: How to install, will the machine slide when the car is running?
Stick the anti-skid pad of our packing box on the machine and finally stick the machine on the dashboard of the car, so that the machine is firmly stuck on it.

Q4: Can the cable be hidden after installation?
The machine can be connected to the cable, and the cable can be hidden in the corner of the car.
Product accessories:
1*G3-Head-up display
1*1.8 m Micro USB
1*Non-slip mat
1*English manual
GPS Display FAQ
1. There is no display on the screen, no power
Check whether the USB cable is damaged, replace the USB cable for testing, and prohibit using a voltage higher than 5V for power supply.

2. No speed,
The power-on satellite icon flashes to indicate the satellite search state. Move the car to an open road, and when the satellite icon stops flashing, it can be used normally.

3. Time calibration
After the satellite icon is flashing and the satellite is found, enter the sixth item of the setting item to adjust the calibration local time.

4. The speed is not allowed
Check whether the unit is correct, km KM/mile MPH, (speed unit switching reference setting item)
When the car leaves the factory, the manufacturer increases the speed displayed on the dashboard by 5-7%, and the international calibration is based on satellite data.
Fine-tune the vehicle speed, such as the meter displays 100km/h, the machine displays 105Km/h, and adjust the parameter value to 102.

5. The driving direction is displayed incorrectly
When there is no vehicle speed, the satellite cannot identify your driving direction, and it can be displayed normally only after the vehicle speed exceeds 5Km/h.

6. Turn off the buzzer
Turn the scroll wheel to the left for 2 seconds to turn off the buzzer, and turn the wheel left again for 2 seconds to turn on the buzzer.

7. Inappropriate time display
Due to the time error in various countries and regions, the time of our machine is the time of East 8th zone, so if the machine is different from your country’s time zone, please adjust it in the setting items.
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